Beyond The Dental Chair

Where Are They Now?

Denture and dental implants

Meet Tony Lewin

Tony stands by his decision in 2014 to have a new smile using crowns and bridges. Today, his healthy new smile continue performing a great job of handling his favorite foods all the while transforming his appearance as well.

Denture and dental implants

Meet Alan Pollock

We have taken care of Allan and his family since 1994. Allan decided it was time for a new smile, and in 2006 that is what we did. Today, we are proud to showcase & share with you a natural healthy and lasting smile!

Denture and dental implants

Meet Anna Rutgers

Anna always had issues with her smile and in 2007 decided to have a smile makeover. Today, her smile still says it all!

Denture and dental implants

Meet Teresa Kojder

Teresa had decided to get a new smile just before she “retired” in 2010, only to find herself in a new career that put her in the spotlight. Teresa shares with us that it is not only about a cosmetic transformation. It is about restoring her confidence. She now interacts with many people and finds herself in front of the camera on a regular basis. Teresa also reminds us when she comes for her hygiene appointments that it was one of the best decisions of her life.

Denture and dental implants

Meet Betty Kerr

Betty, 88, had Dr. Onoszko create a new smile eight years ago using dentures and implants.

Our Avenue of Expressions

One of the most rewarding moments for Dr. Onoszko and her team is being part of the life-changing transformations that patients undergo when they receive a brand new smile. We witness the emergence of a happier and more confident person right in front of our eyes. Please have a look for yourself and be a witness too!

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